About the Photographer

Samara Iodice & Dublin the Dog
Pet Photographer, Samara Iodice and her dog Dublin (Photo by Natalie Fobes)

Photographer Background

I started my career as an engineer with an eye for photography, and now I'm a photographer, with a keen awareness of engineering. Strangely these right and left brain activities have an interesting and practical convergence. Together they inspire every pixel of every image that is formed within my camera. Although I formally studied engineering, photography is something I picked up on my own over many years of experimentation. Photographing animals came natural to me, as I have a genuine interest in observing their habits and antics.  In fact, I can think of nothing more exciting than spending hours pouring over images I've captured of these endlessly fascinating creatures.

I first started photographing animals consistently, and seriously, for dog rescues. My goal was to change negative attitudes and ill-informed opinions about rescue dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. I  worked hard to supplant the stereotypical image of a scruffy, dirty, poorly socialized rescue dog, with that of an elegant, refined, intelligent being worthy of sitting on your couch, and maybe even sleeping in your bed. This evolved into a unique style - with rather bold and fanciful sets, props, and costume elements - that has come to define the See Spot Pose brand.


I'm devoted to capturing the warmth, beauty, humor, and honesty of our best friends - those canines, felines, equines, and other animals that share our homes and our lives - through every See Spot Pose photograph that I take. Working in studio, or on location at your home or your favorite pet-friendly place, I will capture your best friend true to his or her personality. So many people spend a lifetime with their pet and never capture that special photographic memory that mirrors the true essence of their beloved friend.  I have a unique way of capturing an animal's focus and instilling a sense of security, that in the end, allows the animal's true self to shine through. It's not what I do - it's who I am. I hope you'll entrust me to capture your one-of-a-kind relationship with your pet in photographs that will warm your heart for a lifetime.